Last year I had an epiphany, whilst in my hotel at midnight staring out onto the beautiful city of Valencia Spain, overlooking the town I sat lost in my own conscious. 
I was so relaxed, my mind became completely passive to the moment/thoughtless and I kid you not I almost fell off my chair when the instant moment of realization hit me.

Only the moment is. Only the now. 
I said to myself" Time does not exist, the past is our mind, the future is our mind, neither are there, but the now." I understood from that moment the misconception of time, and how with our minds eye/ imagination, allows us to create and believe in the past and future which is time.

I do not like much babbling about myself but I felt the event that birth this belief was relevant.

I will give you my understanding of time as part 1 how it limits our life in part 2 and what it really is as the conclusion.

Part 1:

Time is made up of hours, minutes, seconds, years, days and months. 
So say you count the time it takes to get to the shop from home, but if we count the time it takes, we count using seconds and time is made up of seconds. To me that says time counts time, an infinite loop of illusion.

People view time as past, present and future, in their minds they hold images and beliefs of yesterday and what the future might hold. 
That is just their imagination and not been taught what the minds eye really is, allowing them to see in the mind, time as an actual force, that governs age, death and seasons but this is not so.

Time is a measurement for the now ageing. I will say age is not determined by time, but by depending upon the material ageing, what other substance and materials it is exposed to. We can also say here that age is governed by the behavior of particles and particles vibrate and this vibration ages.

These particles undergo a particle acceleration process in our body that regenerate our cells and make us age, we technically rot. We can measure it with seconds, but it is not subject to seconds.

I said time is a measurement for the now ageing, we could say that what we perceive as time can be called the flow of matter. If we freeze an apple, it does not age as much, yet you can sit there and count on a watch how long it has been in the freezer and when you get it out time has not affected it or stopped flowing.

Time is technically a clock, you take away the clock and you can barely comprehend it. The clock counts the amount of and at what rate a material degrades/rots. The amount of rot a material has, and the rate at which it rots is determined by the amount of exposure a material has been been exposed too and what the exposure was. So this indicates time has nothing to do with age, for ageing is rotting.

So age is determined by the affect our surrounding elements and conditions, which determine how fast we rot. 
This is to show how wrong we perceive age and time, and the fact time has nothing to do with age.

I believe this destroys the accuracy time has in telling the age of a person physically and mentally.


Imagine if two people were born, they were both 10 days old and 1 of them stayed awake and didn't sleep or astral projected. Wouldn't the one who stayed awake be technically double the mental age or at least gained knowledge and experienced double the other person. Also depending on how the other person understands things and the situation but you get the idea. 
Time does not determine age or maturity, age does not determine maturity or a good mind set or how they handle responsibilities, but the situations a person comes across and what they learn from them, obviously if been conscious the whole time and they don't sleep, they have the chance to encounter more situations and more time to understand. Creating a mental age been incapable of been measured by time.


One man lives in the Antarctica, another lives in the Sahara dessert. They are both twenty but because age isn't determined by time, but by the effects of certain environments and mental states creating within their body a chemical reaction altering their bio chemistry. It is hard to use time to determine age. Everything vibrates, happy is a higher vibration, sad is low and so forth with everything. The more particles vibrate, the faster they move and heat makes particles move faster, hence why when you freeze things they don't rot as quick.

What I’m saying is that the guy in the Sahara, his body will have aged quicker, regenerated cells quicker and depending on other environmental conditions, so when you look genetically depending on what the the conditions are at the ages every persons body around the world, i have no doubt they will find some deteriorate/stop producing at a much faster rate than others. Meaning their bodies are of different age to what time would speculate.

Part 2:

If you are aware of the minds attraction power/Karma/Third eye/Faith or power of belief and what our imagination really is which is the astral matter, that is matter from the world counter part of this. If you think of it in terms of a big made small, infinite made finite. I like to say "if you can see yourself in your head, how are you not there?" 
I will explain briefly the mechanics behind the material world and the immaterial from what i have come to understand. "The tree is infinite in fruit and seed but the seed is only limited to one tree, the tree give to the seed so the seed, could replenish the tree"

If in your mind, the immaterial world you perceive that in 20 days time you'll have aged double the amount you have in 10 days. Then you can say you accept that within 5 days a carcass will have undergone a certain level of deterioration and in 10 days the amount of deterioration will have doubled.

If you comprehend this you are acknowledging, to your mind and your higher self, that within a certain amount of time there is a level of deterioration that takes place. So if our minds have power to manifest the material reality even if weak depending on the persons will and intent. You are limiting yourself by comprehending the levels of change. By this I mean we are unconsciously making ourselves old and wither’d.

Conclusion Finally 
What is time then? 
Time is a measurement and the clock is a tool. We are counting to? the end of the universe or of some great happening? 
We are doing just that we only need time to synchronize our days in society. Without time we would be lost as to when to work, when to go out, when to do this. 
If we had a society where we didn't work, we would only need to know the day in order to measure our existence but the minutes are for the precise organisation that society needs to stay racing.

Time is merely a tool in order to keep society synchronized and in order. An illusion.

Thank you for reading, I’m sorry it was so long. May peace be with you and ignorance a far. -Chu



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